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Aspiranto, is an educational website, specially handcrafted for UPSC aspirants, who work hard and endeavor to get selected in UPSC Exams to serve the Country as an Administrative Officer. This website is just a prototype, we are here to solve some of the biggest challenges that UPSC aspirants face while there Preparation in Delhi or from any part of India. This website is created for the aspirants, by the aspirants, to the aspirants. Within a year we will Launch the full-fledged website through which we intend to solve the problems of UPSC aspirants and help them prepare for this One of the toughest exams in India.

Every Year around 10 Lakh candidates apply for UPSC Civil Services Exam, but only a few can crack it and make it to the list. The competition is increasing day by day due to which many candidates either leave the preparation or become frustrated, through this website we are creating an ecosystem where a UPSC aspirant can work also along with his/her studies. we are working on the major challenges faced by a UPSC Aspirant throughout his journey.

If you are a UPSC aspirant and you want to contribute something to this website alongside your studies, we would love to have you onboard. Our Aim is to help aspirants with the best content that they deserve. we Aspire to regularly update this website for optimal use by the aspirants.

To give any suggestion about content updation or addition. Even if you want to be a part of our Team or you want to add some article to this website, kindly email us at [email protected]

About the Founder

The founder of this Ed-tech website is Manish Aggarwal, who is a Delhi-based budding entrepreneur and a Knowledge seeker. He is seeking immense pleasure and working Hard to overhaul the education system that is followed in India, currently, we are following a primitive curriculum and methodology to teach students in India, so he aspires to transform rotten Learning into Practical and meaningful Learning that will impact the life of the learner as well as benefit the whole Nation. He is a Graduate of Computer Applications from Bhatividyapeeth University Pune, Maharashtra, and also a Front-end Web Developer. In the coming years, he plans to open a Skill Academy for underprivileged Children, who can also take part in this Digital age and can change their standard of living and that of others by acquiring relevant skills.

“Success comes to those, Who Endeavors for that”

— Manish Aggarwal (BCA Graduate (2019 Batch), Delhi)

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