Why you should read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC

In this article, you will find the reason why you should read The HINDU Newspaper for UPSC, Importance of THE HINDU Newspaper in the UPSC Exam

Reading The HINDU newspaper has many benefits for UPSC aspirants as it provides you with a very detailed and upto mark analysis of the daily news which is important for the UPSC exam. 

The importance of reading The HINDU newspaper is known by every aspirant and it is very crucial to read The HINDU newspaper for every aspirant. Among all the available newspapers in the market, THE HINDU is the most recommended newspaper for UPSC aspirants as it covers only the relevant information which is important for UPSC aspirants.

THE HINDU newspaper is available in both online and offline mode, you can either purchase it from your local newspaper vendor or just visit the official website of THE HINDU to purchase the newspaper.

Why is reading ‘THE HINDU’ important for UPSC aspirants?

Reading THE HINDU newspaper is considered very important for UPSC aspirants as it provides a very clear insight into the national and international news in a very elaborate and crisp manner. 

The most important section of this newspaper is its ‘editorial section’ which gives you very vivid ideas about the particular issues written by eminent authors and writers who publish articles in the prominent columns of the newspapers.

The HINDU newspaper has a very high standard in its news and editorials, which is why it is recommended to read THE HINDU newspaper for covering current affairs, which is one of the important parts of the UPSC syllabus as most of the questions asked in the Mains examination are based on current affairs and it also important to have a thorough understanding of the daily current affairs concerning national and international importance.

How to read ‘THE HINDU’ newspaper for UPSC?

THE HINDU newspaper is very vast and it covers in-depth analysis of the daily news concerning national and international importance. But aspirants must be aware of how to read the newspaper with much efficiency so that they do not end up wasting much time on irrelevant news and things that are not concerned to the UPSC syllabus. 

Aspirants must read the newspaper by keeping the UPSC civil services syllabus in front of them and become thorough with the syllabus while covering important news worldwide. THE HINDU newspaper generally does not cover irrelevant news and does not go much into trivial issues. 

Important points to keep in mind while reading THE HINDU newspaper

Here are some of the important points to keep in mind while reading THE HINDU newspaper for the UPSC civil services exam. Let’s discuss all the points one by one in this article:

Be thorough with the syllabus 

Before you begin with reading THE HINDU newspaper for UPSC, it is very important to be thorough with the UPSC syllabus and then read only the news which is relevant to your syllabus and eliminate the irrelevant ones.

To clear this toughest exam you need to follow the syllabus at all times while you are preparing for your general studies subjects for mains or while preparing current affairs. 

Do not focus on political news

It is very necessary to avoid political news to stay in the right direction of your goals. Political news and agendas are just irrelevant things that you need not cover for your exam. 

You can always avoid such news involving political allegations or remarks on other political parties as it is not at all required to cover all such news for the exam.

Focus on social and economic news

Reading the news about social and economic issues of the country is an important task of every aspirant as it covers all the important news like women and child issues, educational issues, health issues, issues concerning public policies and implementation, and issues related to the economic interest of the country.

Read news related to national and international importance

Leaving aside political news, you must focus on reading and understanding the national and international importance that will directly or indirectly impact your UPSC preparation. 

National and international news has a lot more relevance to your UPSC exam, as questions are framed on the basis of these news topics only. 

It is expected from an IAS officer to be well conversant with the national and international news as he is part of the administrative unit of the government of India.

The focus of court verdicts on important issues

It is advisable to focus on the court verdicts and orders issued by courts on special and important issues. The verdicts and orders issued by courts are very important from your examination point of view. 

Wrap Up

In conclusion, we would like to assert that Reading THE HINDU Newspaper is very important to get a very clear understanding of the daily current affairs concerning national and international importance. Hope this article gave you an idea why THE HINDU Newspaper is important for the UPSC exam.

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