why you should take Mock Tests for UPSC Exam- 5 Reasons

UPSC Exam is considered as one of the toughest exam in the world, it is not easy to crack UPSC exam without a perfect strategy and planning. one of the key elements in cracking the UPSC exam is taking regular Mock Tests for UPSC and analyzing your performance on a regular basis. you need to be very well conversant with the latest exam pattern and syllabus of UPSC exam in order to clear this exam with ease. In this article we will discuss the need of Mock tests in UPSC Preparation. As many students ask is it compulsory to take mock tests for UPSC? Why is it important to take mock tests for UPSC Exam? So all your queries will be answered in this Post.

It is very important to take Mock test for UPSC exam because it helps you assess your performance and measure how far you are from your goal. Mock tests are the best thing to check your preparation and work on your weak areas.

Moreover, aspirants are informed to take mock tests of previous year papers of UPSC and you can easily practice these previous year questions in mock test form at various test portals and mock test providers.

Now lets discuss 5 important reasons for taking Mock tests for UPSC Exam

Importance of Mock Tests in UPSC preparation

Mock test platforms provide you with the real time experience of your UPSC exam and by practicing test series and giving mock tests on a regular basis you can easily find out what is lacking in your UPSC preparation and then you can focus on improving those areas.

In mock tests you get to solve questions which are based on the previous year exam pattern along with a time limit. so you come in a habit of solving the test paper in real exam like environment due to the availability of timer. so you can easily asses how many questions or how much paper you are able to attempt within the stipulated time.

After successfully completing a test you should always spend a lot of time in analyzing the test you had just taken, in order to get to know which areas are your strongest and what are the areas where you need to improve.

Get in a habit of Handling Exam like Pressure

When you Solve mock tests and test series of UPSC exam you get to come in a habit of solving papers in an exam like environment in which timer is very important and you become aware of the format of paper and also get to know about your speed and accuracy in the mock tests so that you can improve on your weak areas.

When you practice mock tests and previous year questions with timer, you get to come in a habit of handling pressure of solving a lot of questions within a given time frame.

Keeps you Calm in your actual Exam

Mock tests and test series helps you keep calm and composed in your actual exam environment and helps you restore your energy and gather all the information in your head which is required to crack this one of the toughest exams in India.

When you are in a habit of solving mock tests and test series on a regular basis, you get used to of solving questions in the exam like environment and you become less stressful during your actual exam.

Improves your Confidence

When you make it a habit of solving UPSC Mock tests and test series and analyze your performance and work on your weak areas then you gain confidence and can actually perform better in your actual exam.

it is observed that students who solve a lot of mock tests and solve test series develop a good level of confidence in them which helps them remain calm and composed in their actual exam. the more you solve mock tests the more your confidence gets increased. So it is always advisable to solve as many mock tests as you can.

Score High with Mock Tests or Test Series

It has been advised by many UPSC toppers that solving mock tests is one of the key elements of cracking UPSC exam and you must also develop this habit of practicing previous year papers and solving test series to improve your score. Mock tests helps you develop a habit of solving questions in an exam like environment and helps you develop time management and pressure handling skills which are required to crack this one of the most toughest exams.

Aspirants who practice mock tests on a regular basis usually score good in their actual exam as it decreases your fear in actual exam and makes intrepid.


Every UPSC must take test series and solve mock tests in a time bound manner to get used to of the real exam environment and become fearless of the actual exam day and you will definitely perform better with mock test solving strategy. So you must take test series for Prelims as well Mains, as in the mains exam it is more important to have a good writing speed as you need to write long answers in a short period of time. Hope this article helped you understand the importance of Mock tests and test series in UPSC Exam.

FAQ for UPSC Mock test

What is the benefit of Mock test for UPSC?

It helps you analyze your performance and makes you prepare for the actual exam much before the exam day.

It is compulsory to take Mock test for UPSC?

Yes, it is compulsory to take mock tests and practice various questions based on the examination pattern and develop a habit of solving questions in actual exam like environment.

Can I crack UPSC exam with giving mock tests?

All serious aspirants give mock tests to assess their preparation and improve on their weak areas. So it is always recommended by the toppers if you really want to get success in your UPSC exam.

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